We’re not quite sure how, but a series of voice clips from the upcoming 2v2 Warner Bros.-centric fighter MultiVersus have leaked. We already know a host of characters included in the game, but these clips definitely give us a peek at a few more favorites joining the roster. Since this is spoiler territory, we’ll place the list of characters after the jump.

The list of characters with leaked voice lines is as follows…

Arya Stark / Batman / Bugs Bunny / Finn the Human / Garnet / Harley Quinn / Iron Giant / Cake the Cat / Jake the Dog / LeBron James / Marvin the Martian / Raven / Shaggy / Uncle Shagworthy / Steven Universe / Superman Prime / Black Lantern Superman / Superman / Tasmanian Devil / Velma / Nubia / Wonder Woman

Furthermore, if you want to hear the voice clips yourself, you can find them here.

Finally, we can infer other incoming characters based on what’s said in the above voice clips. Please remember that these are not confirmed at all, and are only inferred.

Scooby-Doo / Joker / Daenerys Targaryen / Morty / Black Adam / Bernard Williams / Wicked Witch / Poison Ivy / The Hound / Static Shock

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2y ago

Iron Giant is too big


2y ago

as far as I know, this game is still not confirmed for switch!


2y ago

LeBron James, ugh...