A new update is now available for Critadel. We don’t know the version number, but we do have the full details. Check out the patch notes below.

The new update adds the following features:

  • Weapon slot configuration
  • Key rebinding
  • Item descriptions
  • Weapon auto-swap
  • Improved weapon list UI

We also implemented small balancing and fixes:

  • Changed the color of the bubbles from the slime-like enemies to red for better visibility
  • Increased the amount of experience points earned from Hard Mode (50% more than Normal Mode)
  • Adjusted the trigger requirement of the third option for Ancient Storage Box (from “200 MAX HP decrease” to “100 MAX HP decrease”)
  • The disposer machine at Eve’s shop will now dispense bigger crystals when you dispose of items ranked “A” or “S”
  • Changed how players can move to the next room after defeating Longinus and Noah Fortress (players must now interact with the portal)
  • Adjusted locations of light bulbs for some stages

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