Niantic has revealed another special Decor Pikmin for Pikmin Bloom, and this one’s going to be around for a limited time.

Participate in Weekly Challenges between August 15th to 28th, 2022 to obtain Gold Seedlings that will grow into limited-time “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin! Earning even a single star will still award a Gold Seedling. There are a total of four types: Red, Yellow, Purple, and Winged Pikmin.

Gold Seedlings can be grown in just 100 steps and will sprout into “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin. During the event, you will also find large seedlings with “Special Event” icons when out and about. These Seedlings will also grow into “Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin.

“Fingerboard” Decor Pikmin can only grow from Gold Seedlings and Huge Seedlings bearing the “Special Event” icon. You are not able to encounter them by raising your friendship levels with Red, Yellow, Purple, or Winged Pikmin.

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