LIVE A LIVE came to Switch on July 22nd, 2022, so the game isn’t even a month old yet! Unfortunately, it launched just one week ahead of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It would be tough for any game to live in the shadow of that behemoth, but when you have two RPGs battling it out on shelves on the same system, one game is destined to get less attention.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, Nintendo wants to make sure people know that LIVE A LIVE is waiting for you to experience, and it’s well worth your time. That’s why they’ve put together a ‘Get to Know’ feature that introduces newcomers to the game itself, along with some details on story, characters, and more.

If you haven’t kept up with LIVE A LIVE in the last few weeks, now’s the perfect time to educate yourself. Check out the feature here, and remember, there’s a free demo just waiting for some love on the Switch eShop!

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