Insect adventure RPG 'Kabuto Kuwagata' announced for Switch

Creepily-crawling its way to Switch

15 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

CoroCoro Comic is a monthly magazine that releases in Japan and it’s aimed at keeping kids entertained with comics and informed on videogames. That’s how things have been for years now, but a big shift is in the works for CoroCoro. They’ve announced plans to create their first videogame, and it’s going to see release on Switch.

Kabuto Kuwagata, an insect adventure/RPG, is set to release for Switch in Japan sometime in Spring 2023. CoroCoro will have some staffers overseeing the game’s development, but the core team will be made up of notable developers throughout Japan.

We can expect to see more on Kabuto Kuwagata on Sept. 15th, 2022, as that’s when CoroCoro will start airing a series of videos meant to chronicle the development of the game. Further details will also be shared in the Ge-tsuku!! manga.


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