Square Enix continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII in a variety of ways, and that obviously includes a new wave of merch. Yet another round of times have been revealed, and these goodies will be of particular interest to fans of Red XIII and Cait Sith.

Looking to add a bit more Red XIII and Cait Sith to your life? Why not pick up tissue boxes or sleep masks that look like the characters’ heads? You can grab a sleep mask for $29, while the tissue boxes are priced at $37. Both items are made out of soft, fluffy material, just like the real Red XIII and Cait Sith!

Along with that, Square Enix has also revealed a Final Fantasy VII backpack emblazoned with the Shinra Company logo. This is quite the pricey bag, as you’ll have to cough up $165 to make this yours.

All of these items will see release in Japan on Dec. 24th, 2022. You can get a closer look at them here, and hopefully we’ll hear word on NA/EU releases soon.

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