Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with SoftColors, has announced the upcoming Switch release of the visual novel Aquadine. You can give the game a go on August 26th, 2022, and it will be priced at $20.

In Aquadine, a young gondolier works part-time to save money for his mother’s hospital bills, but he has a secret. Follow Ciel as he tours people around the beautiful town of Aquadine, where his family and friends bond with him.

After his mother was hospitalized for an unknown disease, Robin Liyun works as a part-time gondolier to make ends meet, but under an alias named Ciel. As he finishes giving tours one night, a mysterious voice lures him to discover a beautiful mermaid. She dives underwater shortly after their encounter, which leads him to believe Ancient Aquadine was real. His town was named after it out of respect for their sea deity Levios. Robin continues to live out his double life, while making new friends and learning more about the merfolk civilization.

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