Jade Ember Studios has revealed that Reliquary, a story-drive adventure, is making its way to Switch. As of right now, the game is set to launch for Switch sometime between Dec. 2022 and February 2023.

Reliquary is a story-driven adventure in which you explore the preserved ruins of a long-vanished empire as you fight your way through a land teeming with monsters, magic, and lost technology.

Join Bas and Noda as they fight to discover the mysteries of their creators before they become lost to the horrors of the etherblight. We’ll hear more about what Reliquary has to offer later this year.

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2y ago

Yeah, that's alright. Just take blatant direct inspiration from the Mawkin Chozo written language in Metroid Dread, lmao. The game looks great though, so I'm not even mad. Hell, if it gives Metroid more attention, so be it, ha ha.