Just as it happened with the Wii, a lot of different hardware manufacturers have taken a ton of inspiration from the Switch to release their own game platforms. Anbernic is one of those companies, and their latest piece of hardware is so close to Nintendo’s offering that you might mistake it for official at first glance.

Above is the RG505, which is yet another piece of hardware that’s meant to play retro games. This platform has taken huge inspiration from the Switch Lite, right down to the color scheme. As a matter of fact, this device looks so much like a Switch Lite that it’s leaning more towards blatant rip-off than homage.

The Anbernic RG505 has a 5-inch screen and should be priced somewhere around the $200 mark. Just remember, this in no way, shape or form can play Switch games, and is not an official Nintendo product.

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