Quite possibly one of the most recognizable games of all time, Super Mario Bros. has a long and varied history in speedrunning. Inintially, runs would be beaten by times quicker by minutes, with that gap soon turning to seconds, and now individual frames. To honor each and every instance of a new World Record, Youtuber GTAce created a complation showcasing each run, all culminating with each moment they beat the game.

Starting with the first known instance of a run being published to the internet in 1999, and ending with the most recent run on August 7th, 2022, the video showcases 38 total speed runs. The video is expertly timed to the end of each run, showcasing each person celebrating their accomplishment, while also showing the progression of the runs in the last 20-so years. As a word of warning before you watch, each video still contains the sound, so it gets quite loud, quite fast!


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