The Super Mario Bros. movie is certainly remembered by millions, but perhaps not for great reasons. The movie definitely missed the mark as far as being an adaptation of the games/characters, but there’s something endearing about how off it is. There are plenty of reasons as to why the film didn’t come together as best it could, and a recently-surfaced video might offer one more explanation.

Bob Hoskins is the actor who portrayed Mario in the movie, and I think he did a fantastic job with what he was given. Mario is far from Hoskins’ most iconic role, but there’s no doubt many list the credit when running down Hoskins’ career. It seems Hoskins himself wasn’t too into the movie, as you’ll hear in the clip below.

Of course, Hoskins shares the comment in jest, but over the years we’ve heard some comments about him being less than thrilled with the film. That said, the fact that Hoskins didn’t know Super Mario Bros. was a game franchise is pretty surprising. You’d think that would have come up in conversation during the movie’s filming at some point!


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2y ago

They got games on the TV now?