Bandai Namco’s upcoming rhythm game, Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival is releasing on September 23rd, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch in North America. Japanese users can try the game now as a demo has been released in the Japanese eShop.

If you’re wondering what songs you’ll find in the game, you can check the full tracklist here.

About the game:

Join Don-chan and your guide, Kumokun on a journey to becoming a Taiko master. With new songs and modes, your rhythmic adventure awaits!

• New Modes - Have fun with up to 4 players in Donkatsu Toy Wars and Donchan Band.

• New and Classic Songs - With up to 76 songs in the game and hundreds more online, there is a song for everyone to enjoy.

• Welcome to Omiko City - Join Don-chan and your guide, Kumokun on a journey to becoming a Taiko master.

The Story

Discover Omiko City, where the Taiko world is set.

You will strive to become a Taiko Master along with your buddies, DON-Chan and Kumo-kyun!

Taiko Mode

Have fun playing Japanese Taiko with your favorite songs!

There are four difficulty levels to choose from: “Easy,” “Normal”, “Hard”, and “Extreme” to match your skill level.

There are 76 songs in the collection, including the latest songs such as “Gurenge”, “Feel Special”, and “Racing into the Night”! You can play the game in a variety of play styles, such as “Handheld Mode,” “TV Mode,” “Sharing Joy-Con,” “Shaking,” “Touch Play,” and “Taiko Drum Set”

Online Mode

The “Online Ranked Matches” allows you to match up with other players who are close to your level, so you can always enjoy a heated battle!

Win Taiko battles with players from all over the world and move up in rank!

In Online Room Match, you can customize the rules and play with anybody!

Party Mode

In “Don-chan Band,” up to four players take charge of different tones and play together to make a successful live performance.

And in the “Great Drum Toy War,” you build your own deck of toys and battle it out!

Taiko Play

Take advantage of this mode to replay sections of songs as many times as you’d like, to improve your drumming skills!

Customize as much as you want

Get “Don Coins” by playing various modes. Use the coins to get items such as costumes and name plates from the in-game store!

Customize as you like!

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