We’ve been talking a lot about McDonald’s Happy Meals in recent weeks, as McDonald’s and Pokémon Co. have teamed up for Pokémon-themed Happy Meals in the UK, Canada, and today, the United States. These Happy Meals are supposed to include the new “Match Battle” game that comes with a Pokémon Trading Card Game pack with 4 cards, a spinner, and a Pokemon-themed coin. Unfortunately, a very different toy has been found inside some orders.

A handful of McDonald’s customers have jumped online to complain that their Pokémon-themed Happy Meals are coming with Space Jam 2 toys instead of Pokémon goodies. Even worse, it seems this is being done on purpose. Apparently, some McDonald’s locations have gotten their Pokemon-themed Happy Meal packaging, but the cards and other content haven’t shown up yet. What do you do when you don’t have your advertised product? You cram some leftover toys inside, of course!

As you might know, Space Jam 2 didn’t exactly set the world ablaze, at least not in a good way. That means some McDonald’s locations have a surplus of Space Jam 2 toys that they’re looking to ditch. With Pokémon items not showing up in time for McDonald’s campaign, it’s created a perfect storm to ditch the Space Jam 2 leftovers.

As of now, there are two ways to make sure you get the Pokémon items you want from your Happy Meal. First, give your local McDonald’s a call before picking up an order. That way you can verify that they have the correct items in stock. Second, you can wait a few more days, as the Pokémon shipments should be at all McDonald’s locations in the states by the time the week closes out.


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1+ y ago

Those customers who got Space Jam 2 toys instead of Pokémon goodies with their "Happy" Meals should ask for a refund. And they'd be entitled to it too, they didn't get what was advertised.


1+ y ago

Well, obviously McDonalds would have a lot of leftover Space Jam 2 toys.