RIN: The Last Child was revealed for Switch back in April of this year, and at that time the developers said we’d see the game launch sometime in September 2022. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case. The dev team needs a bit more time to bring everything together, so no we won’t see RIN launch until sometime in Q1 2023. To lessen the sting of this announcement, a lengthy gameplay video has been shared, which you can check out above.

RIN: The Last Child is a dark Metroidvania fairy tale that cleverly combines exploration and crafting. Thanks to a complex system of creating and enchanting spells, no playthrough is the same. Play as RIN – a demigoddess capable of obtaining the power of aspects to fuel and develop her magic. Explore vast mythical lands as you uncover secrets hidden behind the Aspects of Magic, rekindle your mythical powers, and embark on a journey to save the world.

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