Dusk Diver 2 is coming to Switch on Aug. 30th, 2022, which isn’t far off at all. In preparation for the game’s launch, a new wave of content has been released. First up is a gallery of characters and accompanying profiles. You can see the character round-up below.

Along with that, a variety of gameplay systems and mechanics for Dusk Diver 2 have been detailed as well. You can see the complete breakdown of those features below.

Break Strikes

Consecutive hits can cause the enemies to enter a Break State, giving you the opportunity to execute a powerful Break Strike on the enemy. Critical strikes during specific moves can also knock the enemies into the wall, enabling the use of Break Strikes.


Dine in or take out (to battle)? Meals can restore HP, BP, and provide various buffs to help you in battle. As indicated by the Hunger Meter, a maximum of three buffs can be activated at the same time, so make sure you maximize your meal benefits for battle.


Buff your equipment with Orbs that increase the power of your Break Strikes, grant protection when knocked into the air, and more!

Equipping the right kind of Orb can change up your entire build. Get as many as you can through Orb Fusion and Collection Quests.

Equipment and Orb

Your equipment will alter your defense and stats. They also come with a number of different Orb slots. Will you sacrifice stronger armor for an extra Orb slot? Tailor your characters and party to your play style!

Wardrobe Change

In Tumaz Mart, you can change up the outfits and accessories you’ve obtained for each character. Expand your wardrobe by completing the main story and side quests!

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