Mutropolis launches for Switch today

In the year 5000...

18 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Developer Pirita Studio has announced that they’re bringing their sci-fi adventure ‘Mutropolis’ to the Switch on Aug. 18th, 2022. The game is priced at $20 and takes up 1.4 GB of space.

It is the year 5000, and the greatest achievements in human history are forgotten. The pyramids, the Mona Lisa, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – forgotten. Forgotten by everyone except Henry Dijon and his ragtag team of archaeologists. They left Mars to dig up lost treasures on the wild and inhospitable Planet Earth. Life is sweet, until Henry’s professor is kidnapped, and thing start to get… weird.

Join Henry on a freewheeling adventure through the ruins of our civilization. Ask questions like, “Who was this Sony Walkman? And where did he walk?” Unearth extraordinary relics, rescue Professor Totel, and be the first to enter the legendary city of Mutropolis. One more thing - the gods of ancient Egypt are real and they’re trying to destroy humanity. - Have fun!

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