The Switch is an extremely versatile platform. You can play it docked on TV, in portable mode, or even in a tabletop option. Still, that’s just not enough for some people, and that goes for the gang at Passocade. They had another vision for the Switch, which led to a prototype that turns the hardware into a cocktail table arcade cabinet.

If this looks exciting to you, we have some bad news. Passocade states that this is only a prototype, and they don’t have any plans to release a version to the public at this time. Of course, that could all change depending on the reception this prototype receives, but it’s likely something a bit too niche to pursue in a bigger way.

Cocktail table arcade cabinets were never as big as the stand-up models, but they certainly made their way into numerous locations. You didn’t really see too many of them in arcades, but they were certainly somewhat prevalent in restaurants, bars, and more. With all the games featuring local multiplayer on Switch, there’s already a fantastic library available that makes perfect sense for cocktail table play.

I have to say, the idea of having a cocktail table arcade cabinet Switch is pretty damn appealing to me. It would be a great conversation starter, and it would definitely be a fun way to play some co-op games. Let’s hope some other company out there gets inspired by this idea and releases a commercial option!

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2y ago

Cocktail table arcade cabinet. I never knew they were called that, in all my years of gaming. I liked them, it was always in pubs where I'd see and play them. It was nice to sit down and play, one of the games I remember playing on them was Rally X.


2y ago

This is awesome! I want one!!