GameCube mod allows for use of any Bluetooth controller

Now you're playing with power...Bluetooth power!

21 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The GameCube has the Wavebird, a top-notch wireless controller that many GameCube fans swear by. While that’s the perfect solution for wireless play on the GameCube, what if you want to use one of your other wireless Bluetooth controllers on the system? That’s simply not possible with a standard GameCube, but a new mod paves the way for ultimate controller freedom.

LasterBear Industries and creator DarthCoud64 have teamed up for a GameCube mod that allows you to use a host of Bluetooth controllers on the GameCube, letting you play your favorite GameCube games in perfect comfort. Here’s the controllers supported by this mod.

  • Playstation 3/4/5
  • Xbox One/SeriesX/S
  • Switch Controllers
  • 8BitDo (xinput mode)
  • Wii Controllers
  • Generic HID Bluetooth controllers
  • Bluetooth Keyboards (emulate the ASCII Keyboard Controller)

Best of all, this is a ‘stealth’ mod, meaning once implemented, your GameCube still looks like a standard GameCube! If you’d like to tackle this no-solder mod yourself, you can snag a kit for $100 through this link.

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