Idol Manager is seeing release on the Switch eShop come August 25th, 2022, but what about the physical fans out there? While there’s no official English release here in the states, you can still pick up a physical version from Japan without fear. The Japanese release of the game includes an English translation, making it perfect for importing!

Play-Asia is offering the physical release of Idol Manager from Japan, and it’s set to ship out August 25th, 2022. While the eShop version of the game is priced at $25, going physical will cost you $32. If that price seems fair to you, you can lock in your import copy here.

Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary.

You take on the role of manager at a small (but growing!) talent agency. As you cultivate and train the newest generation of young pop stars, you’ll have to decide who to hire and who to fire, who gets promoted when things go well and who gets reprimanded when things get sour. The personal lives of these young celebrities are a part of your business, and the life of a pop star isn’t always a happy one. Their crowning personal achievements can be your greatest commercial successes, but their emotional meltdowns and PR nightmares can spell financial disaster for your company.

It’s not just the idols you have to worry about. The world is full of gossip magazines, super fans, and rival groups, all thirsty for a scoop on the latest scandal. There are a lot of people who want to tear you down and are willing to play dirty, but try not to let it get to you. It’s not personal, it’s business.

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