Idea Factory has released a new trailer for the visual novel game, SympathyKiss; the trailer showcases more gameplay footage and character introductions.

SympathyKiss will be released on November 17th, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. A special edition (9,350 yen) will also be released alongside the regular version (7,150 yen). Pre-orders for any edition include the drama CD “Toaru Gakkou no Nana Fushigi.”

About the story (via Gematsu):

With your reassignment comes a new job and… a new love!?

You have been working as a designer for an app company for exactly one year. These days, you have become accustomed to your job and are living a normal, but fulfilling life.

One day, you are unexpectedly assigned to the editorial and planning department for a news app rumored internally to be ending service.

A group of peculiar men selected by the company were already assigned to the project to rebuild the app. And you are going to be working alongside them…!?

As you work to rebuild the app, you will be at the mercy of your eccentric partners, as well as struggle with a job full of firsts.

But what you have yet to learn is that a new love beyond that job is awaiting you…

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