RedDeerGames will release UnderDungeon, a 1-bit dungeon crawler game where you become the deadliest delivery cat in the world! The game is scheduled to launch sometime in 2022.

About the game:

Become the deadliest delivery… cat in the world. Intense fights, multiple weapons, and demanding boss fights.

Join Kimuto on his hardest first day on the job in this unique dungeon crawler game, a tribute to the classics of the genre like the original Legend of Zelda, but mixed with a big dose of humor.


UnderDungeon attracts attention with its simple, polished, beautiful 1-Bit visuals. But its greatest asset is a variety of in-game mechanics: classic RPG elements, arcade sections, musical sections, and even levels in full 3D environment

  • The gameplay in UnderDungeon allows you to feel the wave of nostalgia and the taste of the old days. It also introduces a lot of freshness! - says Domnik Czarniga, senior game producer and creative director at RedDeer.Games.
  • The gameplay is enriched with great music. It’s one of the best game soundtracks in recent years! - adds Czarniga.


Enjoy stylized 2D graphics and mini-games. Every character you meet has something interesting to say… maybe except for the ducks.


Throughout the map, you’ll find secret areas with some very strange fellows. What could they be up to? There is only one way to find out.


  • Simple controls
  • Charming mini-games
  • Stylized 2D graphics
  • Incredible music track
  • Multiple weapons and enemies
  • Lots of interesting characters

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