Kukoos - Lost Pets, a brand new 3D action platformer, has been announced by developer PetitFabrik and publisher Modus Games. It’s touted as being a game for all ages with “fun-for-the-family” gameplay. It’s expected to be released physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch in December 2022. Check out the reveal trailer for Kukoos - Lost Pets above and details below via the press release.

The Kukoo Tree, once a safe haven for Kukoos and their pets, has been taken over in a rebellion by brainwashed pets - and it’s up to you to set things right. If you want to save the Kukoo Tree, you’ll need to travel through a tour of distinct, wacky worlds in the adventure of a lifetime, playing solo or in four-player co-op. Despite their pleasantly colorful looks, the worlds of Kukoos are filled to the brim with wild, unexpected obstacles for the Kukoos to overcome.

Kukoos - Lost Pets is a game for all ages, approachable and easy for anyone to jump into, but engaging and fun for even the most advanced adventurers. Help save the frenzied, brainwashed pets from evil. With a cast of 12 playable characters, and additional pets to take control of, Kukoos - Lost Pets offers an engaging journey that will have players of all ages bouncing for joy.


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