Tameless, a brand new roguelite hack-and-slash from developer and publisher DX Gameworks, has been announced for Nintendo Switch. It will be available sometime in 2023, but release information beyond that is currently limited. Check out the teaser trailer for Tameless above and gameplay details below via Gematsu.

Help a captured creature escape imprisonment in this exciting hack-and-slash adventure! In Vamp, take on the role of a young female of the Rosin race named Schell, who was imprisoned by humans and forced to mine metals in a cave alongside other helpless creatures. To secure her freedom, she’ll join forces with Kimi, the goddess of alchemy, and venture through three dangerous areas while fighting off monsters and the terrible King Grunt’s army of Kobolds.

Recruit new allies, increase security at your headquarters, and upgrade your bombs and weapons in preparation for the great escape. Upon defeating King Grunt, a heavy choice awaits… Do you flee alone to finally taste freedom, or do you risk everything by returning and attempting to free your allies?

Key Features

  • Face hordes of enemies with a variety of weapons and bombs. Use alchemy and interact with the environment to activate traps, launch enemies into the air, set them aflame, or create your own tactics to achieve your goal.
  • Create your own bombs and customize their effects. A simple change of the flask can turn an explosion into a barrier or cause a Water Bomb to burn the enemy.
  • A dilemma awaits at your headquarters. Do you expend resources to protect your base and your allies or invest in wagon upgrades to try and escape with the whole group?
  • Become the alchemist of your dreams. Choose your own weapon, accessories, and bombs. You can also use alchemy to customize your headquarters.
  • The soul of an ancient alchemist master will guide Schell in her escape attempt. However, this relationship is not all that it seems.

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