The Switch plays hosts to all sorts of games. You can find everything from big-budget blockbusters to one-man indie games on the Switch eShop, and it seems Switch owners are more than willing to support all sorts of experiences. That’s exactly what’s going on with Voltage’s visual novel, even if TEMPEST.

Voltage originally said their goal for even if TEMPEST was to hit 10k units sold. Obviously they want the game to sell even more, but 10k was the initial target. That’s why it’s so great to hear that the game is closing in on that number, and quicker than Voltage anticipated.

Voltage released even if TEMPEST in early June via the Switch eShop, and while we don’t know the official sales figure, Voltage has said that they’re going to reach the 10k target earlier than expect. That’s extremely impressive for a visual novel that’s also a brand-new IP.

Voltage has said they plan to put together some more promotional efforts for the game going forward, and they’re even considering merch for the Japanese market. If that merch pops up, let’s hope fans in NA/EU can import!


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