Back on July 13th, 2022, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak had sold over 3 million copies. Here we are a month and a week removed from that announcement, and Capcom is back to announced another sales milestone for the expansion.

As of today, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has managed to sell a staggering 4 million units worldwide! That’s an incredible achievement, considering Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 10 million units worldwide so far, and the Sunbreak expansion only launched at the end of June 2022!

It seems Monster Hunter Rise players are extremely happy with the game, as nearly half of them have decided to jump in on the Sunbreak expansion. If this sales pattern keeps up, we’re guessing in just about two months Capcom will return with an announcement of 5 million sold for Sunbreak!

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2y ago

Very well deserved, Sunbreak is maybe the best G-rank expansion for a Monster Hunter game ever. Not because of the number of new monsters or new locales, but just how they tweaked the gameplay to perfection. I actually prefer old-school Monster Hunter like MH3U or Generations Ultimate, but this expansion really perfected the style they were going for. A solid 6 out of 9.