Mediatonic has rolled out a new update for Fall Guys on all platforms. While we don’t have a version number, we do have the patch notes, which you can check out below.

  • Squads will no longer be forced to play a Round alone if all other squads are eliminated before a Final Round
  • Fixed some instances of Blast Balls exploding prematurely
  • Removed an invisible wall from Track Attack that prevented some players from launching farther after using a Speed Boost
  • Updated the Social Panel to correctly show when a player has already been invited to a party
  • The “Enable Voice Chat?” prompt will no longer repeatedly pop up after a player joins a Party

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2y ago

The version number may be 7.4.0 - that's what my Switch just pulled when manually checking for updates. (It seems Mediatonic has a different numbering system for their updates on Switch than other consoles, so it's been hard to verify this.)