Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer BUNTSPECHT.GAMES have revealed Fall of Porcupine, a love letter to the hardships faced by healthcare workers. The game is scheduled to launch in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. A free prologue will be available starting from August 30th, 2022.

Delicately dealing with difficult subject matter, such as the industry’s lack of work/life balance and cutthroat leadership, Fall of Porcupine’s emotional story draws thematic inspiration from beloved sitcom Scrubs and showcases genre parallels to Night in the Woods.

In the game, you’ll lead young Finley through his first few weeks at a provincial hospital as he pursues a residency to practice internal medicine. Through his trials and many tribulations, Finley will make friends and allies in his new, warm small town, but not everyone is as they seem.

About the game:

Delicately dealing with difficult subject matters while also doubling down on the importance of friendship, Fall of Porcupine tells an emotional story from the perspective of a fledgling doctor in a lovingly illustrated world. Finley is a fresh new face in the town of Porcupine, and players must guide the wet-behind-the-ears doctor through his first few weeks of medical residency. At first glance, the small town of Porcupine is a quaint, friendly place where everyone knows and warmly greets each other. However, after living there for any length of time, it’s clear that not everyone is as honest as they appear to be. As if that wasn’t devastating enough, Finley will be confronted with a different dilemma altogether: the collision of work and daily life – a reflection of an unhealthy and systemic issue in the healthcare industry at large.

Featuring fun mini-games, sleek platforming, and branching dialog choices, Fall of Porcupine delivers a heartfelt and spirited story of friendship, self-sacrifice, and self-love. Finley must run, jump, and glide through the town of Porcupine, while also diagnosing the townsfolks’ ailments and reporting to the head doctor, who’s far from kind or supportive. Explore the outskirts of town, hang out with friends, and unearth the secrets that keep Porcupine shrouded in mystery.

Key Features of Fall of Porcupine:

  • You’ve Got a Friend in Me: Engage in funny, profound, and serious dialogues with townsfolk, where you can choose from branching dialogue trees. Choose wisely, as they influence character relationships.
  • Journey of Self-Discovery: Though the cute and loveable characters and cozy world take center stage; Fall of Porcupine is not afraid to tackle serious topics to truly find out where it hurts, and why
  • Secrets Beneath the Surface: At first glance, the small town is a warm, friendly place where everyone knows and greets each other. However, dark shadows lurk beyond this friendly facade. Discover the town’s secrets, and be on guard!
  • Fondly Familiar Gameplay: Fall of Porcupine is a highly polished and unique story-adventure for those who love mystery RPGs and heartwarming stories. The simple but fun gameplay-mechanics and creatively designed characters and world speak to mainstream-, indie-, and first time-gamers alike.

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