Fear Effect Reinvented was announced for Switch all the way back in August of 2017, yet the game still hasn’t seen release. It certainly seems like there was some rocky bits during development, but thankfully, the project is still alive and well. A new trailer for Fear Effect Reinvented has been published today, and you can check it out above.

The most interesting part of this trailer is at the very end, as it’s teased that the game is coming sooner than we think. That’s definitely welcome news, so hopefully we’ll have an official release date in the very near future.

Fear Effect Reinvented is an action-adventure, true-to-the-original remake of the first game from the classic Fear Effect franchise - refreshed with improved graphics and controls. Wi-Ming Lam, the daughter of a Hong Kong Triad boss, has been kidnapped. Take the roles of the mercenary trio: Hana, Glas, and Deke, and try to find the missing girl.

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