Back in May of this year, Pokémon Co. announced that 2022 would mark the final year of the Pokkén Tournament DX World Championships. After this year, Pokemon Co. would be removing Pokkén Tournament DX from play, marking an end to the game’s six-year competitive run.

Now that Pokémon World Championships 2022 is behind us, Pokkén Tournament DX has officially ridden off into the sunset, competitively speaking. Rather than letting the game quietly slip away, Pokémon Co. put together a video showing Pokkén Tournament DX some love. You can see the special package they’ve created above.

Of course, you’re still free to play Pokkén Tournament DX all you want. This goodbye is only related to the game’s presence at the Pokémon World Championships going forward. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some sort of sequel announcement down the road.

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