Appnormals, Chorus Worldwide, and Funstock have announced that the 2D point-and-click game “Frank and Drake” is coming to Nintendo Switch in February 2023. Physical pre-orders for the game are now open at Funstock, priced at 34.99 GBP (about $41 USD).

Frank is the Super of a run-down apartment block, working by day and worried he’s losing his mind. Drake is allergic to sunlight and operates by night, forcing the roommates to communicate solely through sticky notes left for each other around the apartment. Despite their separation, they must forge a relationship, uncover the mystery, and survive.

About the game:

Uncover the mystery and survive

The game takes place in the fictional American city of Oriole City, where Frank and Drake will need to explore for clues and solve puzzles. The world of Oriole City serves as more than just a backdrop to the story and hidden secrets are waiting to be unearthed.

Uncover the hidden world of Frank and Drake

Play both characters alternately: Frank during the day, Drake at night. What they do during their times will affect what the other can do in the future. Even though they must work separately, their fate depends on the trust and friendship they forge together.

Richly detailed and beautifully illustrated

The game uses traditional 2D art combined with over 5000 hand-drawn frames of animation overlaid over filmed footage. This gives the game an uncanny feel reflecting Frank and Drake’s realities: two extraordinary characters trying to blend into an ordinary world.

2D point-and-click puzzling

Every path contains unique puzzles and mini-games to add excitement and variety to the rich story-telling experience. The game’s story unfolds using a branching narrative, where decisions you make can have a profound impact later. Only through multiple playthroughs will you uncover all the secrets hidden in the world of Frank and Drake and experience the different endings.


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