Do you believe we should remember our history? Prague-based indie studio Charles Games, think so, which is why they’ve created Svoboda 1945: Liberation, a blend of adventure gameplay, live action dialogues and one-of-a-kind story set in Central Europe after World War 2. Svoboda 1945: Liberation comes to Switch on Sept. 13th, 2022 and is priced at $18.

In Svoboda 1945: Liberation, you are sent to a small village of Svoboda near the Czech-German border to investigate an old feud. You soon realize the case is linked to World War II and the rise of the communist dictatorship that came after. During the investigation, you discover a photograph of your grandfather. What was he doing here? Was he somehow involved in the violence? Find out the truth and complete his story.

Relive memories of the witnesses in atmospheric mini-games. Develop old photos that reveal details of tragic events, try to keep your farm together in the face of communist terror, or play cards on the eve of historic elections.

Uncover the things your grandpa never talked about. And answer for yourself: can the horrors of war justify the violence that came after its end? Svoboda 1945: Liberation is a game full of rare historical material, footage, and memorabilia for you to explore.

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