I’m sure most of you know that when Paper Mario started development, it was originally called Super Mario RPG 2. Eventually Nintendo moved away from that name and went with Paper Mario, which is a name they’ve kept up with to this day.

Over the years, we’ve seen a handful of screens from Super Mario RPG 2, but today we actually get to see some footage! This decades-old series of clips just recently caught some attention on social media, and now word is spreading like wildfire. There’s so much here that didn’t make the cut in Paper Mario!

Check out the footage yourself in the video above. The action starts at the 9:20 mark.

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2y ago

It kind of cracks me up that this was casually stumbled upon because I have a couple of friends who have been literally looking for years for this footage. YouTube really is like a weird thirst store sometimes, isn't it?


2y ago

I used to watch this show all the time growing up. By the time this episode was aired I didn't have much free time so hadn't seen this one before. Thanks for the memories RMC.


2y ago

This is neat. I remember seeing some tiny screenshots in Nintendo Power. I'm glad Nintendo dropped the Super Mario RPG name so it didn't have to be compared to the original game so much.


2y ago

Aanmmmmdddd now the video is gone