Check out an extended trailer for Biomorph

A Metroidvania with a twist

26 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Lucid Dreams Studio previously revealed Biomorph, a dark, action-packed 2D soulslike Metroidvania set in a sprawling, gorgeous hand-drawn 2D world where enemies are everywhere – and their powers are fair game. Biomorph was confirmed for a Switch release sometime in 2023, and today gives us an extended trailer to get a better look at the action.

In Biomorph, players must use their skills to explore a vast, varied world. Solve puzzles and platforming challenges, fight deadly monsters and take their shapes to use their powers. But beware – every conquered creature can come back with new and even more threatening powers.

Players must rebuild the city of Blightmoor and befriend the townspeople, learning more about both their and the town’s origins. Players will level-up their character as they fight through the vast areas around the city, collecting new abilities, mementos and blueprints. The journey will reveal surprising and alarming truths about our hero’s own origins.

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