Serial Cleaners was announced for Switch back in June 2022, and now we’re less than a month away from launch. The game is set to release on Sept. 22nd, 2022, and we can learn a lot more about it through today’s video features. First up is a gameplay segment, which you can check out above.

Along with that, a second video feature for Serial Cleaners has released, and this one includes a chat with Krzysztof Szczudłowski, Lead Designer at developer Draw Distance. This video gives insight into how Serial Cleaners expands upon the first outing, and also details some of the cleaners you’ll come across in the sequel.

Serial Cleaners is a single-player stealth action crime game in which you alternate between playing four eccentric mob cleaners taking on the bloodiest jobs the carefree 1990s had to offer. If you remember the nineties differently, their dirty work is the reason why.

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