Nintendo continues to share new information on Splatoon 3 as we lead up to launch, and today brings us some fresh details on your in-game gear. In particular, two brand-new abilities are explained; Intensify Action and Sub Resistance Up.

First up is Intensify Action, which amplifies both your Squid Rolls and your Squid Surges. It allows you to Squid Roll consecutively without losing speed, and it makes your Squid Surges charge faster. It also gives you a steadier hand with your aim following the action!

Also, did you know that you’re semi-protected by an ink vortex after performing a Squid Roll or a Squid Surge? Don’t get overconfident though—you can still take a hit from an exceptionally powerful splash of ink and if you switch back to Inkling or Octoling form too quickly.

Next is Sub Resistance Up, which is the successor of Bomb Defense Up DX from Splatoon 2. Sub Resistance Up reduces effects and damage from sub weapons, although the specific effects are yet to be detailed.


Now we those abilities detailed, we can move on to an intro for Murch. He’s not just a street urchin, as he can buff your gear. Whether it’s adding an ability, changing an ability (even a primary one), or ordering gear you see on other players, he puts the function in fashion.

Finally, Nintendo has also shared some footage of a Wipeout in Splatoon 3. That’s when a whole team gets splatted in a Turf War battle. Check out a Wipeout in action below.

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