Sonic Frontiers Switch file size revealed

Most of it comes from Big the Cat

28 August 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Planning to go the digital route with Sonic Frontiers on Switch? If so, it always helps to know the file size of a game before launch. We now have that information on Sonic Frontiers, thanks to Nintendo sharing the details on the game’s official hub page.

According to the listing, Sonic Frontiers is going to take up 10.4 GB of space. Not huge compared to most games today, but certainly a sizable download. When you consider the Switch’s base level of storage space, especially if you haven’t expanded with a microSD card, Sonic Frontiers could be taking up a significant chunk of what’s available!

To put things into perspective, Sonic Frontiers is decidedly beefier than previous Sonic titles on Switch. Sonic Forces clocked in at 6.6 GB, while Sonic Colors: Ultimate took up 6.8 GB of space. I guess making an ‘open zone’ game requires a bit more storage!

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