If there is one thing that NieR fans can agree on, it would be the beautiful music that represents each game in this series, and NieR:Automata is no different.

With that being said, Materia Store has revealed a new album from ROZEN+REVEN for NieR: Automata. “NieR: Become As Gods” will be available both on vinyl and compact disk. You can listen to the album here.

Check out the contents for each one alongside the tracklist below.

Vinyl ($49.99)

  • 12” 2xLP Set, 180g audiophile
  • Machine Splatter (Black + White + Gold)
  • Gatefold Jacket, including a 16-page booklet with live recording session photos

Compact Disk ($24.99)

  • 1xCD Set
  • 6-panel Digipak with 16-page booklet, including live recording session photos


  1. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. I
  2. Birth of a Wish
  3. City Ruins (Shade)
  4. Peaceful Sleep
  5. Forest Kingdom
  6. Bipolar Nightmare
  7. Memories of Dust
  8. Pascal
  9. Voice of NO Return
  10. The Sound of the End
  11. Mourning ~ God Have Mercy, Pt. II

You can order your copy now from Materia Store (Vinyl/Compact Disk). If you’re thirsty for more NieR remixes, then check out the other albums they have here.

About the album:

Much like the fast-adapting machines in the game, the two artists have leveled up their production since the days of their first foray with NieR: Glory to Mankind. Their sound here is sometimes darker, more mature, and overall more polished, thanks in large part to the wealth of collaborators they’ve brought in.

Within these eleven new covers, you’ll hear the duo’s hybrid orchestral-pop sound that blends heavy-hitting strings and brass, stark choir, textures of winds and synths, electric guitar, and a plethora of vocals from REVEN. The live orchestra sections were recorded by Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir in Sofia, Bulgaria, including a traditional Bulgarian Choir on several tracks.

The result is an intense trip back through the world of the game, but whether this constitutes Ending B or perhaps Ending C, D, or E is up to interpretation.

[Materia Store]

NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition is scheduled to release on October 6th, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch; you can pre-order the game here.

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