It’s sad to say, but the Summer fun of Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is officially over. We’re not sure how it all went by so quickly, but at least it was a blast! Niantic has taken a moment to thank Trainers the world over for celebrating with them by sharing a recap video, which you can see above, along with a bunch of very impressive stats.

Niantic revealed that millions of Trainers participated in the Pokémon GO Fest 2022 events, which resulted in 1.75 billion Pokémon caught and 150 million kilometers explored on-foot!

Pokémon GO Fest 2022 marked the first in-person Pokémon GO Fest events since 2019 and highlighted what makes Pokémon GO special. Trainers in Berlin, Seattle, and Sapporo sent nearly two million Gifts, traded 85,000 Pokémon, and forged over 250,000 new in-game friendships.

During each of these in-person celebrations, millions of Trainers around the globe worked together to unlock enhanced versions of in-game events–such as Ultra Unlock: Hisuian Discoveries, which resulted in the Pokémon GO debut of Hisuian Braviary.

Of course, as one event ends another starts to ramp up. The Summer fun might be over, but the Season of Lights is kicking off this week. That even officially goes live on Sept. 1st, 2022, and we should be getting fresh details on what to expect very soon.

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