Temtem is coming to Switch on Sept. 6th, 2022 along with the game’s official Version 1.0 release. Switch owners have been waiting a long time to go hands-on with Temtem, and now we’re just a few days away! Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a single bit of footage from Temtem running on Switch in all this time, but that changes today with the video above.

While it’s not direct-feed footage, we at least have our first look at how Temtem is shaping up on Switch. Along with that, we also have details on the technical side of things, such as resolution and framerate. For those interested, here’s what you can expect from Temtem on the presentation side of things.

  • dynamic resolution
  • steady 30fps.
  • docked sits at around 900p most of the time, but goes up to 1080p and down to 700p
  • undocked sits at roughly 720p most of the time, with drops to 560p

While some don’t have an interest in the technical side of things, it’s still great to see Temtem’s devs be upfront with the details for those curious.


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