PB Tails releasing CHOC 2.0 controller

CHOC the first release up to a success

30 August 2022
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PB TAILS, the company behind the unique CHOC controller for Switch, is hard at work on a follow-up. The company has teased that the CHOC 2.0 is on the way, and it’ll include a few tweaks over the original.

While we don’t know the full details on the CHOC 2.0, it seems the controller will be largely the same as the first iteration, albeit with a few key differences. First up, the CHOC 2.0 will have a full metal back shell for a sturdier feeling. Along with that, the CHOC 2.0 will include an updated d-pad for improved functionality and comfort.

Other than that, the CHOC 2.0 looks to include all the features that made the original great. For those who don’t remember, here’s what you’ll find featured on the original CHOC.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • 6 axis sensory-motion gaming
  • vibrating motors connected to 2 claw grips with 4 levels of adjustable vibration
  • auto-fire button
  • function button to activate & deactivate the auto-fire mode
  • autonomous wake-up function
  • 15-hour battery life

When the CHOC 2.0 is fully revealed, we’ll bring you all the official details.

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