Have you ever had a situation in Splatoon 2 where you and an enemy are shooting at each other, and you both get splatted? I know I have, and it seems to happen a considerable amount. That’s because of how Splatoon 2 handles server ‘tick rate,’ and it appears Splatoon 3 will handle things in the same way.

Server ‘tick rate’ relates to how often a game refreshes its information a second. The bigger the number, the better. The average for most online games is somewhere around 30-60Hz, but that’s not the case for Splatoon 2 or 3. For whatever reason, Nintendo decided to go with 16Hz for Splatoon 2, and they appear to be sticking with that for Splatoon 3. Equally baffling, this is 30% slower than Splatoon on the Wii U.

This information is based off of at-home tests by dataminers, and not confirmed by Nintendo. The thing is, we know Nintendo will never share discussion of tick rate publicly, which leaves us with nothing but outsourced statistics to go off of.

If this info is legit, it certainly gives a lot of insight into why so many stand-offs end in a double splat.

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the schaef

1+ y ago

Nintendo's middling approach to online is endlessly maddening. Games like Fortnite handle online fine with full chat capabilities, while Kirby Friggin Buffet is stalling due to lag, and despite being the only company in the industry with a 40 YEAR BACK CATALOG, I'm expected to pay an increased monthly fee to access the same N64 games I already paid to have on virtual console for each of the last two machines.

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1+ y ago

Network card on the Switch hasnt changed, so no suprise there. I recall reading someone analyzing the tickrate and explaining the network card was most likely the reason for that atleast.