Cult of the Lamb has been quite the success for Devolver Digital, moving 1 million units worldwide just a week after launch. It looks like the idea of cute animals and cults was a perfect mix, and plenty have been enjoying their time fostering a flock. Along with that, plenty of players have found a lot to love about Cult of the Lamb’s addictive mini-game, Knucklebones.

Knucklebones is a two-player dice game where matching dice in a player’s column are multiplied together. If you place a die that matches one found in your opponent’s column, you destroy theirs. It’s a simple game, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable! Turns out someone was enamored with Knucklebones enough to bring it out of the digital world and into the real one.

Redditor BenY-S on Reddit, whipped up their own physical adaptation of Knucklebones, and it’s pretty spot-on. It may not be overly fancy, but it fits in with the theme of the game perfectly, and looks like a lot of love was put into it. There’s no doubt quite a few fans out there who’d love to purchase one of these sets. Let’s hope Devolver Digital ends up working with BenY-S to make it legit!

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