Pretty much from the second the Switch released, some players had an interest in playing games one-handed. Be it a comfort thing or a necessity, the split Joy-Con approach paved the way for all sorts of unique solutions for one-handed play, and yet another has just popped up.

Designer AkakiKuumeri has come up with a fresh take on the one-handed Joy-Con approach, and their creation allows you to access each button and function of both Joy-Con with ease. Mechanical linkages connect the buttons to extensions near your fingers, with the face buttons (D-pad / ABXY) accessible to your thumb on the front face of the adapter, as well to your middle and ring fingers behind the controller. Shoulder buttons are accessible to your middle and ring finger on the grip, and you can push in on the second thumbstick by pressing the whole adapter down.

The video above shows the one-handed solution in great detail, and it also shows just how well the design works. If this looks like something you want to add to your controller collection, you can by the accessory for AkakiKuumeri’s Etsy shop.

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