MOJO BONES has revealed that City Wars: Tokyo Reign will launch on September 1st, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch. This game takes the customization and strategy of a traditional CCG and introduces a dynamic battlefield where tactile mechanics and turn-based battling combine. Take a look at the gameplay video above to get a better understanding of what to expect.

About the game:

STRATEGY MEETS ACTION - A fresh take on a classic genre. Dynamic track-based battlefield where tactile mechanics meet turn-based card battling.

FROM BEGINNER TO WINNER - CITY WAR’S rules can be learned in minutes, opening the doors for players of all ages and skill levels. Strong customisation and a complex meta provide long-term depth, making it much harder to master.

ENDLESS CHOICE - Design your own COMBAT CASE from over 140 CARDS (across 5 categories), 20 GUNS (with stat modifiers) and over 25 CHARMS (each with battle-altering perks).

DISTRICT RUN - A deep Roguelike single-player mode where you’ll build a collection, chose your path and battle across 5 procedurally generated Districts. Will you survive the elusive SHADOW DISTRICT and conquer the city?


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