The joint Kickstarter for Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood has been a smashing success. It took roughly 24 hours for the campaign to pull in the $750k for base funding, but that was just the start of things. $1,000,000 was needed to bring these titles to consoles, and as of today that stretch goal has been smashed. Both Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood are a lock for Nintendo fans, but there’s a catch…

As we’ve said before, both of these games are going to make their way to Nintendo fans, but we don’t know what platform yet. Apparently, the goal is bring the two games to the ‘newest Nintendo hardware at the time.’ The developers have said that they’re hoping new hardware becomes available during production of these two titles. Should no new hardware be released/announced during this time and/or the team discovers that they are unable to port both games to Switch, they will reach out to backers who requested Nintendo as their platform of choice to discuss alternatives.

Long story short, it seems like the devs are dead-set on bringing both Armed Fantasia & Penny Blood to Nintendo fans one way or another. They’re certainly going to try their hardest, and with a 2025 expected release, we’re thinking a viable option will certainly present itself.

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