Nintendo has released all sorts of interesting and unique peripherals in their time, and the DK Bongos are definitely part of that lineage. A drum accessory released for the GameCube, the DK Bongos let players bang out tunes in Donkey Konga and platform in a whole knew way with DK Jungle Beat. While Nintendo may have moved on from the DK Bongos decades ago, one developer thinks they’re still a viable input method.

The video above shows off Bull Beat, a new PC game that was developed with the DK Bongos in mind. Just take a quick look at the gameplay of Bull Beat and you’ll see what we mean. If this game was created without the DK Bongos in mind, fans would have instantly requested a mod to support them.

Best of all, this game is available to play for free right now! You can use a keyboard to play Bull Beat, but if you have a set of DK Bongos, you can hook those up to your PC and enjoy this game the way it’s meant to be played! Grab the download and get a closer look at Bull Beat here.

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1+ y ago

This needs to come to Switch bundled with a new set of bongos! Sorry, I just love new peripherals.