3D Realms has announced that they’re bringing back their Realms Deep streaming event for a third year in a row. They promise this showcase will include world premieres and special guests, and it takes place on Friday, September 16th, 2022 at 12:00 PM PST.

Make sure you’ve cleared your schedule for this event, as it’s set to run for an hour and a half, and it will highlight old-school “boomer shooters,” contemporary FPS titles, non-shooters, and everything in between. We know for a fact that Ion Fury’s Aftershock expansion and the horror-themed cult shooter CULTIC will be on display, but there’s sure to be a ton more.

The lineup of developers for this event is quite extensive, with games from Fulqrum, New Blood, Team 17, Nvidia, HYPERSTRANGE, Dread XP, Nightdive Studios, Retrovibe, Bounding Box Software, Rogue Games, Running With Scissors, Top Hat Studios, Hellforge Studios, In The Keep, Evil Guinea Pig, Schmidt Workshops, Warcry Interactive, Tastyspleen, Reload Magazine, and NoLight Games set to be featured.

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