Back in February of 2021, Nintendo released the first installment in their Fire Emblem Castle Conversations. That video was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fire Emblem, and it spotlighted some of the voice actors who’ve lent their talents to Fire Emblem characters over the years.

If you enjoyed that video, today’s you’re lucky day, as Nintendo has just released the second volume of Fire Emblem Castle Conversations. This time around, Chief Fehnix hosts a candid, in-depth discussion with a couple more voice actors that helped bring some fan-favorite Fire Emblem characters to life.

This second volume isn’t as long as the first, but it’s still a solid 40 minutes of Fire Emblem fun! Set aside some time and give it a watch to get some valuable insight from the people who give their heart and soul to Fire Emblem’s massive cast.

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