In the last few weeks, Sunsoft has made it clear that they’re looking to regain some of their former glory in the gaming space. The company used to be quite big during the 8 and 16-bit days, but they’ve fallen off considerably since. Now in 2022, Sunsoft is looking to make a name for themselves once more, and it all starts with re-releases of their classics.

We already know that Gimmick! and Ufouria: The Saga are heading to the Switch, but it looks like another of their legacy titles is going to be re-released. Sunsoft has just filed a new trademark for Trip World, a Game Boy game originally released in 1992. Trip World also saw release on the 3DS Virtual Console in Japan and Europe.

Trip World centers around the bunny-like being Yakopoo and his quest to retrieve the flower of peace so that peace will return to Yakopoo’s disarranged world. The protagonist’s trademark ability is to shapeshift into different forms.

We’re not quite sure what Sunsoft plans to do with Trip World at this point, but a re-release certainly seems like the most likely scenario. Whenever Sunsoft shares official plans for what’s going on, we’ll bring the info to you.

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I was not able to get this on the 3DS because it was region locked to Europe releases but now it looks like I can finally get it.

And about time too!