Pre-orders for the FMV game, Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?, which was announced back in early February, are now open for the Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order the game on the Nintendo eShop by clicking here.

This is a game where you investigate a crime by interrogating the characters via on-screen choices and try figuring out who poisoned Uncle Marcus.

Check out the original announcement trailer from IGN:


Play the yearly family quiz and team-up with the members of your choice where you will secretly interrogate them via on-screen choices. Get familiar with the family, someone must still have the poison? It’s a who’s who of new and familiar FMV actors including Andy Buckley (The Office), Robbie Kay (Pinocchio), Al Weaver The Complex) and Georgia Small (Five Dates, Bloodshore)


Throughout the game you will collect evidence on each character, which you will use to determine who the killer is. At the end of each game round you will have a chance to review the evidence of the person you teamed up with. HINT: You can also review each character’s evidence in the main menu!


So you think you know who poisoned Uncle Marcus? It’s time to accuse them! As long as you’ve got enough evidence to support your accusation, at the end of the game you can accuse that member of the family. Regardless of whether you choose correctly or not, each character has their own story, their own secret, that will be discovered at the end of the game.

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